Interview with Caren Pardovitch

Pardovitch began her career in hotel management before embarking on an adventure in the diamond and jewelry industry. It was only natural that her next move was to blend her experiences so she enrolled in an interior design course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After that, she set up her own company, Caren Pardovitch Interior Design. A true globe-trotter, Pardovitch has lived all over the world, but admits to drawing much of her inspiration from her favourite spot – Central Park, which combines the beauty of nature, architecture, and the diversity of the local New Yorkers. Her work can be found in fashionable hotspots like Verbier in Switzerland. Her next project is the interior design of a five-star boutique hotel in Amsterdam.

Pardovitch describes herself as an inspiration addict when it comes to discovering unique beauty. She finds inspiration in the miracles of nature and strong architecture can trigger a powerful emotion in her. A beautiful object in an art gallery or a spectacular piece in a museum leads to feelings of both love and excitement. Such treasures to the eye inspire her designs.

For her, & Sparkles is all about combining her passion for jewelry and all other art forms. It brings designers and design lovers together who share the passion for all things unique.

Have you designed jewelry before? If not, what was the process of transferring your creative approach to design/art into wearable objects like? Was it smooth? What was the biggest hurdle?

I started designing jewelry as a little girl and have not stopped since. I have always known the person I was designing for, therefore my focus has always been creating a piece that fits the person wearing it. It is the same approach I use in my interior design studio. I sometimes call it interior couture. The space you live in should fit you like a piece of haute couture. It should reflect your personality.

For my & Sparkles collection I designed pieces with personality that are strong, bold and feminine at the same time. Statement pieces for strong women who are not afraid to show their vulnerability and feminine side simultaneously.

Do you start with a sketch?

I always carry a sketchbook with me and I take photos of everything that inspires me. I take hundreds of photos of all kinds of things. Every day different things trigger my attention. Sometimes there are shapes that intrigue me, sometimes just colors or beautiful textures and materials. This big mix of inspiration is a start of an idea that I further develop into designs and I often work with a 3d computer program.

Would you describe yourself as a conceptual designer? If so, what was your concept for these jewelry pieces?

These pieces reflect, light and shadow, the natural landscape of hills and valleys. They flow into each other and represent the rhythm of life.

Do you look to other designers for inspiration? if so who. Where else do you find your ideas and inspirations?

I believe that every designer is inspired by other creators. They can be painters, writers, architects, sculptors, inventors as well as movie directors and fashion designers. Both contemporaries and artists from the past inspire me. No design ever truly stands on its own. Look at Art History and it is clear that we are all influenced and inspired by others.

By: Gabrielle Kennedy